Comment: Backlot owners

I really want to know a definition of what is considered to be a “Backlot Owner” and what was meant by the comment made by a township board member that the “Backlot Owners” “need to pay it up” I guess I did not realize that Bear Lake Township is divided into 2 different groups I assumed that we are all considered voting residence!! I’m sure everyone knows what the word “assume” means when divided out. I take offence to the comment made at the special meeting. I guess our township board need to also “pay it up” and realize they represent all the residence in Bear Lake…It was the residence who voted them in and as far as I know, but I might be mistaken, they were voted in by all the residence on one ballot. Who knows maybe there was 2 separate ballots that everyone was not aware of. Its time that the township board represent ALL of the people and not a select few that throw their weight around with dollar signs. Bear Lake Township was once a community of people that worked together but thanks to some of the board members and their thinking and actions they are successfully dividing the township. I said “THE” township because it has gotten to the point that it is no longer “OUR” township-for the residence!! Its now “THE” township or maybe I should say “THEIR TOWNSHIP”!!!

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