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I question if Sue Boss really knows the meaning of INTEGRITY

Comment: I question if Sue Boss really knows the meaning of INTEGRITY-per the Websters dictionary its “Adherence to a code of values” i question her values when she admittedly removed an opponents campaign sign and supposedly put it behind the township hall. When she was told it was an illegal act, she pleaded for someone not to tell. Is this INTEGRITY?? So far the other parties in this election have been upfront and have not referred to the remarks that have been made by both of the existing candidates. I guess its time things are put out in the open. Its not just about giving away the Road Endings and public access to our lakes but its the vicious remarks and actions being taken. I ask how would you feel if someone called you names in public such as redneck hillbillies, backlotters, liars, bullies and many other slanderous remarks. Who gives these people the right to question anyones experience or integrity. Sue Boss needs to practice what she preaches and realize that she is not above the law and she did break the law by playing dirty politics and admittingly removing an opponent’s campaign sign and then tried to have someone else lie for her. Comments being made by these candidates, Sue Boss and Sue Allen, are cruel and hurtful. We need a change, vote for Shirley Havens and Robert Dixon if you really do care about who and how you are represented. They know what the word INTEGRITY really means!!

Sandy Ruppert

I agree 100 percent Gerald McKee


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