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Sunday Nov. 2 5:45 am

This morning because of daylight savings time we gained an hour that we lost in the spring.  On Tuesday from 7 am to 8 pm you have a chance to take back your township by a vote for Shirley Havens for township treasurer.  Make the change for the betterment of your township.

I received several mailings yesterday, one (1) about my opponent and another card with all the reasons Sue Boss should not be voted in.  I read both very carefully and you should too.

The reason I decided to run for township treasurer, was I attended the meeting when Sue Boss read a letter aloud to a room full of taxpayers, voters and residents that was not professional as a representative of the community.  The card tells of the experience, and accomplishments Sue has made in the township.  Did you honestly think the residents were going to allow the board to make the decision not to have access to the lakes. I know it has been said that the issue of the road ends is done, but I guarantee if Sue Boss is re-elected it will be an issue again.  I think instead of name-calling Sue  should have apologized to the residents who by-the-way, you represent and work for.

Not all of the residents are lakefront owners and you can call us backlotters (by the way my spellcheck does not recognize this word), rednecks and hillbillies but we all have worked hard for what we have.

Most of the township residents, I have been talking to, moved here after they retired because of the lakes, fishing, hunting and most have been coming north for years.  So why shouldn’t they have access to what is available for recreation and for them to enjoy.

After a neighbor was questioned when he dropped off his absentee ballot about my experience I responded with why didn’t Sue Boss ask me.

I am not Humpty-Dumpty who fell off the wall or Chicken Little that fell from the sky I am a voter, taxpayer and resident.  I am computer savvy, am able to add 2 and 2 and make it 4.  All kidding aside I do have experience in banking, computers, people skills and office management and I would not have put my name on a political ballot unless I thought I was capable of doing the job!  This is my first venture into politics other than school politics and fraternal politics but it seems to be the same.  It all depends on you the voter!

If you elect me Township Treasurer I promise to be visible for your convenience at the twp. office and my plan is to man the office more than

1 day a week.

Bob Dixon and I will be at the polls on Tuesday, if you have questions or you want to see who we are stop by and say hello.




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