Anyone who attended the April township meeting and voiced their objections

Anyone who attended the April township meeting and voiced their objections to closing the road endings should not have to call the board members.  If the board members failed to understand the clear message which was conveyed by more than 90% of the township residents who attended that meeting, they’ll never get it.

I agree with a comment made in a prior posting that certain board members should probably have excused themselves from voting on the much-discussed Resolution to vacate the identified road endings due to their friendship with one or more of the plaintiffs in that legal action.

For what it’s worth, the minutes of all regular township board meetings must be available for public review within eight business days following the meeting.  Based on the discussions I had with township residents following the April Township Board Meeting, it did not sound as though that requirement was being met.  Incidentally, this requirement is clearly spelled out in the Authorities & Responsibilities of Michigan Township Officials, Boards and Commissions, which is published by Michigan Townships Association.  I have a copy of the book in my possession.  The Bear Lake Township Board should also possess at least one copy of this book.  If not, they should order one immediately.  I’m certain the Township legal counsel would share my feelings on that issue.

I just returned from a five day trip to Illinois and will be unable to attend tonight’s township board meeting; however, I will attend the annual meeting on May 25th.

Richard N. Miller

11496 Hillcrest Blvd

Comment: Agreed Richard.  This board needs to go, they’ve consistently put their own interests ahead of the general public.  Sue Boss especially.  She should have excused herself since she is a property owner which is next to a road ending.  Of course she would love to close them!


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