Approval ratings of our Township Board


Comment: Approval ratings of our Township Board.


Bear Lake Township is now no different then Washington.  They are listening to their friends in regards to what would benefit them.  They call it ” Special Interest” on how they vote.  No difference here.

Sue Allen`s remarks during the voting process, “No matter how we vote, people will be mad at us either way”.  Really Sue?

Let`s see, would I want the Shulls and Gemolass mad at me, or a few taxpayers that I don`t see, as friends….

Great logic Sue!  Vote for your friends!  Not for what the Taxpayers want. During this Road Ending proceedings, the voting record of the Board has voted 5-0 to allow this to get to the April 8th vote.  When opposition showed at the April 8th meeting, two Board  members voted no.  That means your presence does make a difference!

The clear actions of our Board does not represent the taxpayers!  On a scale of 1-10, at best  a 2!  And you actually think you deserve a raise?


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