August Board meeting, new Deputy, Brian Peacock

: At last August Board meeting, new Deputy, Brian Peacock introduced himself and gave his presentation.  At the end, he asked if anyone had any concerns or anything I need to know about.  There was no response from the citizens. Upon that, Officer Peacock excused himself, and left the room.

Five minutes later, Jeff Shull, who was put on the agenda, gave a presentation concerning all the violations that were occuring on the road endings.

I sat there wondering why he didn`t ask the Deputy to stay and listen to his presentation.

Deputy Peacock was just recently asked if he had any reports concerning the road endings.  His response was none.

So there is no documentation that these alleged violations actually happened.

With no documentation by the Sheriff`s Department, who has the most to gain out of this?

I`ll let you figure that out.

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