Bear Lake Township Community

Comment: Bear Lake Township Community–This lawsuit was introduced in the middle of winter, when many Township residents are living in their out-of-state winter homes , in hopes of getting it approved and passed by the Court prior to the majority of the community not even knowing what happened!!!


We agree that if it hadn’t been for some of the defendants filing a counter lawsuit at their OWN expense in hopes to defend their use and maintenance of the road endings, and for the setting up and maintenance of this website to keep people informed on the road endings issue, as well as the MANY members of the Community who spent hours researching and sending out postcards to let EVERYONE who lives in Bear Lake Township know of the lawsuit to vacate the road endings that the Township Board approved, the two road endings would most likely be gone this summer!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who defended keeping the two road endings open!  We just hope that everyone, including the Township Board Members, will work together to maintain these road endings for many years to come, which was the original intention

Joe & lisa Winans


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