Comment on the Special Meeting for Rod Endings

We have been Bear Lake back lot property owners since 1997, and one of the reasons we purchased the property there was that our sale agreement granted us shared access to Bear Lake via the public road endings.

When we appeared at the April 8, 2014, 5:30 pm Special Board Meeting regarding the “Closing of Road Endings”, approximately 95% of the attendees who spoke were overwhelmingly in favor of the Township keeping the road endings OPEN. A couple of attendees indicated they were neutral either way, but no one at the meeting that night wanted the road endings closed/vacated. It seemed very odd to us that none of the Bear Lake lakefront landowners who have pursued closing the Summerdale and Edgewater Beach Road endings attended this meeting! The township Supervisor did read some e-mails, letters, etc., from people who were in favor of closing certain road endings, including two letters wanting the Bradley road ending closed. This isn’t even a road ending in question of being vacated and should not have been included that night.

We thought that surely the Township Board would NOT pass the resolution to move forward with the vacating/closing of these 2 road endings because of the overwhelming response by several attendees to keep them open.

Unfortunately, were we unpleasantly surprised that shortly into the regular board meeting at 7:00 pm that same evening, after very little discussion by the Township Board (and from seeing other postings, one of the Board members couldn’t even hear what he was voting for and another Board member has accepted gifts from Bear Lake landowners who are in favor of closing the road endings), the Township Board passed the resolution to continue with a lawsuit to close these two road endings. It sure appears like this entire voting scenario had already been decided by the Township Board even before the 5:30 Special Board Meeting, hence why none of the lakefront owners “needed” to be there that night. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it???

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