Comment: The majority of those in the community puzzled

The recent events in regard to the road endings in bear lake have left the majority of those in the community puzzled if not in a state of anger and dis-belief. There was a meeting held ahead of the normal scheduled meeting about the road endings where the turnout of residents against the close of the road endings was better than 2 to1. At the regularly scheduled meeting a motion was made by Sue Boss to move the resolution forward which was seconded by Sue Allen and Dale Majeski. This seems a bit out of the realm of representing the constituents who voted for these people to hold the positions of representing them, unless their is an agenda that we are not aware of? Why was this brought to a motion with out the majority of residences that have these accesses at their disposal unaware of the fact that they may lose their rights and home values because its being voted on unbenounced to them as this time of year the vast number of them are not yet here ? In my opinion it is not just unfair it is irresponsible, unjust and reprehensible. The powers that be on this board should not have run if they did not want the job of representing ALL of the bear lake tax payers. This includes the “Back lotters ” who are the majority by the way.

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