Don’t Mistakenly Think the Road Endings Issue is Over

The majority of us opposing the closing of the Edgewater Beach & Summerdale road endings who were at the May 13th Bear Lake Twp Board Meeting probably think we won and that the two road endings are not going to close…

This is NOT the case, as both the Attorney for the four defendants and the Bear Lake Twp Supervisor, BUD BANKER, said the complaint filed by the plaintiffs (various lakefront owners) has NOT been dismissed???

So did it really matter that the board reversed their decision on the resolution?  We backlotters are no better off than we were prior to the last board meeting.  The only thing that meeting did was to take the pressure off the board.  Very tricky, wasn’t it?

Now, had the board chosen to deny passing the resolution prior to the complaint being filed with the court, it most likely would have been dismissed.

To the plaintiffs, SHAME ON YOU for continuing with this lawsuit just to benefit yourselfs a little bit more.  You knew when you bought (or inherited) your property on Bear Lake that you were next to a road ending and on a public lake!  Sell your property on Bear Lake and move to a private lake if that’s what your ultimate goal is!


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