I can see no possible benefit to the community from pursuing a recall

From Steve Kotch

I can see no possible benefit to the community from pursuing a recall process.  Following the strong community feedback, the township board has rescinded its prior vote in effect nullifying the first motion, and remains committed to ensuring resident access to the lake.  Instead of promoting ways that all residents can work together to build a sense of community and promote responsible utilization of our shared resources, this initiative is working to further divide us.  Neighbors that were friendly in the past are now suspicious, angry, and prejudicial simply based on where their property lines are.

Anyone who has experienced one of these before for any reason will know that it is going to get much more divisive before this is done for no good reason.  There is no benefit to anyone in the community from doing this.  It won’t impact road endings in anyway, and negative media attention will cast a shadow on our township.

I hope that common sense will prevail and this petition is put to rest as it should be.  If anyone has any valid reason for pursuing this that will benefit Bear Lake residents, I would appreciate hearing it.



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Steve Koch

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