In our history of Bear Lake, back in the 20`s

Comment: In our history of Bear Lake, back in the 20`s, access to Bear Lake was secured by the surveyor.  In 2014, we have seen what can happen when the agenda of a few, can be a great loss of our assets.

Many of us found the anger level in our Township concerning the Road Ends, to be a subject that they felt needed action, and was more than willing to sign petitions.

Some of those signatures that were on the recall petition were challenged and eliminated by the Clerk.  This is part of the procedure of a recall.

Don`t let your feelings or voice be suppressed!

Board members are elected officials, and their actions are held accountable by us!  We are not accountable to them!  Comments have come out of what she will do if allowed to stay on the Board.

To assure that the Road Ends will remain your asset as taxpayers, the recall now goes to the ballot.

As what Marion said in her post, Shirley Havens and Robert Dixon are running as non partisans.  They needed to do this because they could not run as a Republican against a Republican incumbent.

Please do not vote straight ticket in this election!  It is so important to vote for Shirley Havens and Robert Dixon.

It`s time for your anger and concern, to secure your access to our lakes and streams, and vote for Shirley Havens and Robert Dixon.

Thanks to all of the concerned taxpayers and Citizens that concern Bear Lake as something to stand up for!

Secure it on the 4th.

Jim Knight


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