Lake Owners Association Meeting

Comment: I would like to thank Mr. Jerry McKee for answering in a timely fashion my request on the email I recently sent him yesterday concerning the Lake Owners Association Meeting.


Because of this great site that he has afforded us in keeping us informed of what is taking place in our Bear Lake Township Community I am now able to do my research as a former elected official as to the functioning of my retirement home and community.


Since the last meeting of the Bear Lake Township Board this past Tuesday, 5/13/2014 concerning the conversations on the ‘Road Endings’ and the gratification in knowing that the Executive Board represented the vast majority of the residents in rescinding their previous vote on selling off the lots that give us access to Bear Lake.


But since the meeting there has been one answer by the Townships Attorney which has been haunting me.


The question posed by one individual was ‘Why we, those that have internet access are not notified by email of the upcoming ‘Special Meetings’ concerning our community.


The answer given to this individual by this attorney of the Bear Lake Community was as follows, ‘we do not do this and if you would like to seek this information, the individual would have to file a ‘FOIA’ Freedom Of Information Act to receive such information.


I did some research on the ‘Michigan Township Association’ site and if I am not mistaken, since the Bear Lake Township has a web site, that according to the ‘Open Meetings Act’ established in 2009 by the Legislative Council, State of Michigan that this information should be given to the residents of Bear Lake by the Board.


Below is the information that I had researched.



Act 267 of 1976


15.265 Public notice of regular meetings, change in schedule of regular meetings, rescheduled regular meetings, or special meetings; posting; statement of date, time, and place; website;


(3) If there is a change in the schedule of regular meetings of a public body, there shall be posted within 3 days after the meeting at which the change is made, a public notice stating the new dates, times, and places of its regular meetings.


, if the public body directly or indirectly maintains an official internet presence that includes monthly or more frequent updates of public meeting agendas or minutes, on a portion of the website that is fully accessible to the public. The public notice on the website shall be included on either the homepage or on a separate webpage dedicated to public notices for nonregularly scheduled public meetings and accessible via a prominent and conspicuous link on the website’s homepage that clearly describes its purpose for public notification of those nonregularly scheduled public meetings.

Since I am but a simple man and enjoy very much the peace and quiet that my community affords me and the family atmosphere that it presents, I was wondering why we do not have this done on our Community Web site.

Again, I would like to thank all those that came out to the meeting and in supporting those who represented us with the information distributed, and to the elected officials who supported the vast majority in rescinding the previous motion on the ‘Road Endings’.

Floyd Porter


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