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  1. Joe Winans

    SWEET SUCCESS in keeping the Bear Lake Road Endings Open…..
    We, too, want to give an ENORMOUS thank you to Jerry McGee, for his tireless effort in setting up the website, as well as all of the research he did, and for speaking out for all of us at the May 13 Township Board Meeting. This, in our minds, made a huge impact in the Boards decision to reverse their approval of vacating the Summerdale Avenue & Edgewater Beach Road Endings at Bear Lake.
    Another HUGE thank you goes to Jim Knight, Paul & Wendy Williams of Bears Lair, and everyone else involved in the efforts in getting the word out to all township residents about the possible closing of the 2 road endings. This too, made a definite impression on most of the Board, showing them that we all need to work together for the good of Bear Lake.

    Joe & Lisa Winans

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