The Board Votes on the Road Ending Resolution

April 8, 2014 The Bear Lake Township Board held a special meeting for the Road Endings. During the Public discussion it was over whelming how many residents wanted to keep the Road Endings open to the public.

At the regular meeting following the Special Meeting the Board had discussion on the Resolution to be voted on. I may add they did not red the Resolution out loud.

This is my take on the discussion. Sue Boss commented that they should have a special millage to pay for the Road Endings and she also said something like we know how this Township votes down special millages. The Carol Rosenberg said the Board has other options so she was against it. Then Sue Allen speaks up and says something like well we are going to upset someone no mater how we vote,so I guess it doesn’t matter how we vote. That all the discussion I remember hearing.

The Vote:

Sue Boss Yes
Carol Rosenberg No
Sue Allen Yes
Dale Majeski Yes
Bud Banker No

The vote three Yes two no. The Resolution to vacate the Road Endings Summerdale Ave and Edgewater Beach passes.

Please read the comment from Dale Majeski and Sue Allen.

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