There is a benefit to the Bear Lake Township


[Bear Lake Online] I can see no possible benefit to the community from pursuing a recall
Really Steve, there is a benefit to the Bear Lake Township. This Board and future boards will realize they are put into office to represent the Township. Yes they rescinded their motion on April 8, 2014, Steve it took many hours, post cards, this website, a packed township hall and money to overturn that motion. Mike Boss told me he didn’t see the Board overturning that motion. Bud Banker told me the same thing. It wasn’t till I asked for the Township Attorney to be present at the May meeting were we taken seriously. Sue Boss and Sue Allen called us bullies, so maybe they didn’t overturn that motion from the heart. I heard that the recall is a vindictive act. No it’s protecting the Townships assets.  Listen everyone closely, three Board Members don’t have the right to take away Lake Access from the people FOREVER. Future generations will use these Road Endings. The Township should be improving them slowly over the years not taking them away from the people. Th only reason Dale Majeski was spared from the recall is because he told everyone he was sorry. I didn’t here sorry from Sue Boss or Sue Allen. In fact Sue Allen said publicly the Board should not have changed their decision on that Motion To Vacate. This recall will bring the community together like never before, and hopefully we will not need a recall in the future.

Gerald McKee

Comment: well said:

Time: July 7, 2014 at 9:17 am


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