Voting comments by Dale Majeski and Sue Allen

A few days after the vote Dale Majeski asks someone if they are mad at him. The persons response was no I’m not mad but very disappointed in you Dale. Dale said something to the order well I couldn’t hear what they were saying. He voted yes without knowing what he was voting for.

Sue All says a few days later that everyone was mad at her. Sue Allen said something like she was tired of all the discussion about the Road Endings. She just wanted it over and let the Court decide.

Their attorney was present at the vote and told the Board if they vote down the Resolution it can’t go to Court. They failed the people of Bear Lake Township.

Call them and tell them what you think.

Bud Banker Supervisor       231.624.1019
Sue Boss Treasurer             231.624.1509
Carol Rosenberg Clerk        231.624.4871
Sue Allen Trustee                231.258.5324
Dale Majeski Trustee           231.384.2929

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