We are totally against what is going on

Comment: We are totally against what is going on for the common good of all the residents who are only there part-time.  It appears that few residents now think they are in charge of the whole board.  Wrong!  And surely, it is NOT the right thing to do.  Where are these leaders coming from?  Have they no feelings for the majority and the ones being affected by this takeover.  It’s an injustice that must not be overlooked or ignored.



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One thought on “We are totally against what is going on

  1. Ruth Hoerr

    Yes, indeed, where are these board members coming from? Just read the minutes of the March 11, 2014 board meeting! Under Public Comments it was reported: only one person spoke in favor of closing the road endings while seven spoke in opposition! Were the board members listening? Weren’t they elected to represent all Bear Lake Township residents, or only a select few? How much will those votes (to favor a few) end up costing in the end…..consider the damages. not only in terms of finances: lack of confidence/trust in Board; and the damage to relationships, reputations, & community spirit. Bear Lake Township residents deserve better representation. This situation reminds me of a children’s book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”; it’s a worthwhile read with an applicable moral to the story.

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