We would also like to thank all those involved

Comment: We would also like to thank all those involved in our victory in keeping the Road Ends open!

For those of us who cannot be there full-time (yet) it is nice to  have such a great support system in place who keep us ALL informed and allows us to be involved in some of the decision making of Bear Lake Community when normally we wouldn’t be.

Comment: I would like to thank all involved even though I am a seasonal resident I am very happy with the outcome of the decision and the support the community gave and had. My family Loves the Bear lake area and are happy with the family atmosphere it gives.

Comment: I just wanted to say thank you to Gerald McKee,Paul and Wendy at the Bears Lair and all the others who were involved in the effort to overturn this resolution.Their effort is greatly appreciated by (I would think)the majority of this community.

I would also like to thank Dale Majeski and Sue Boss for their courage in reversing their votes.It’s refreshing to see our township Board back the majority of the people in this township.Job Well Done!!!

It was also good to see the people concerned enough to show up to the meeting in force,I’m sure it made an impression on the Board.Hopefully these same people will continue to show their concern by policing these road ends themselves,to help “keep the peace”with the adjoining landowners.I KNOW WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK!

Thanks again……..Tony Kleiber

Comment: Thank you so much for all your work (and everyone else) to bring this to a successful end.  God bless you!




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