When the lawsuit was initiated by the Plaintiff`s,

Comment: When the lawsuit was initiated by the Plaintiff`s, the BLT Board voted to accept the action in the form of a Resolution.  That vote was 5-0 to accept the Resolution.  This sent it to Public comments at the 5:30 meeting on April 8.  The comments from the Public were over a 2 to1 majority, opposing the vacating of 2 road endings. The meeting held at 7:00, had the vote on the agenda.   The Board was adviced of 3 options by the Township attorney; yes, no, or table it.  Sue Boss made the motion to accept the Resolution, quickly seconded  by Sue Allen.  With little discussion, a vote was taken, passing by a 3-2 margin.

There were many there that were just finding out about this as many are now.  This is no coincidence doing this at this time of the year!  Many of the taxpayers are not here yet.

The next plan is to try and get a millage through for more law enforcement.  At this time it isn`t clear if it is for just the road endings.

I asked Supervisor Banker if there was any documentation, from the Sheriff`s Department or Central Dispatch on any of these complaints concerning the road endings. His response was no, we don`t have anything.

With this type of Leadership in our Township, are you being represented at all?


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